A Cloud-Based Collaboration Platform Designed to Exchange Product Information and Content.

BrandSync gives you a smarter way to automate and share product information across all your channels.

A Multi-Functional Platform

Streamline and define

E-commerce sales are growing, and in a digital world, consumers expect product information to be readily available online. To keep a pace with the growing demands of the consumer, brands and retailers must invest in new ways of working together. BrandSync provides brands and retailers with a user-friendly, innovative platform where product information can be shared, managed, enhanced and customised, all in one place.

A Solution for Brands

Streamline and define

At Brandsync, we understand the challenges of managing extensive product information and the demands of sharing this information with multiple recipient. With our specially designed platform, we can make this process easy for you. The BrandSync platform allows you to manage and share all your product content and digital assets via one central hub.

A Solution for Retailers

Streamline and define

Operating as a retailer in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce comes with its challenges. At BrandSync, we understand that you need timely access to accurate product information and digital assets. Our platform allows retailers to communicate and collaborate with brands, enabling both parties to share and access data through a single trusted source.

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