First things first… what is a GTIN?

Every product of yours will need to have a barcode for you to be able to sell it. Beneath every barcode is a 13-digit number—this is the GS1 Global Trade Item Number, or the GTIN. We’re going to break down for you what exactly a GTIN is and why they’re so important.

A GTIN is the numerical representation of a barcode and each one is globally unique. It is also known as an EAN or UPC, but GTIN is the more accurate and commonly used term. The GTIN is the only truly unique identifier your product will need once it is in the market, ready to sell. The GTIN is what sets each product apart from the others, even if they are identical. GTINs are used from point A to point Z throughout the supply chain, all the way from the manufacturers through to the distributors. All major brands, retailers, and online marketplaces require companies to provide GTINs for all the products that they manage.

Amazon barcodes are used to uniquely identify products in their catalog

Amazon AE has mandated all sellers to have the GS1 GTIN for every product being listed and sold on Amazon. Retailers have been using GS1 GTINs to uniquely identify their products for 40 years now. Barcodes for Amazon AE/Souq are no different, and can be used to uniquely identify all the information about each product listed on the retailers’ sites.

This is something that Amazon needs from the seller so that they can improve the quality of their product catalog. By doing this correctly, and by assigning barcodes for Amazon, sellers can help to maintain the high quality shopping experience buyers have come to expect from the Amazon marketplace.

It is vital for you to have the GS1 barcodes and GTINs for your products on Amazon AE. If the GTINs are not from GS1 UAE, you should not risk listing the items online. Here’s what Amazon AE has said regarding the risk of not using GS1 UAE GTINs:

Why GS1 GTINs?

All the leading online marketplaces mandate sellers to use the GS1 GTIN as a marker of trust and authenticity. There is a myriad of benefits of and reasons why you should be using a GS1 GTIN for your product.

The four main benefits of using the GS1 GTIN is that it is:

  • Trusted: The GS1 GTIN has been used for more than 40 years as a global reference point for product identification across numerous industries.
  • Unique: Your GTIN code uniquely identifies three things: the country where your product was licensed, your company, and the product itself.
  • Traceable: Everyone in your supply chain uses one interoperable system and this compatibility efficiently facilitates tracking.
  • Universal: Your GTIN and accompanying barcode can be scanned and recognized anywhere in the world.

There are tons of other reasons for and major advantages of using GS1 barcodes and GTINs. Here are just a few of the many.

  • Authentic source: You’ll receive an official GS1 certificate, and you can rest assured that your numbers are uniquely yours.
  • Manage your numbers online and be up and running in minutes: Use My Numberbank to help you create, store and manage all of your GS1 numbers (GTINs) for all of your products. Once you’ve signed up online, you’ll be able to start assigning your GTINs within minutes.
  • Use them on Amazon, Souq, and other marketplaces: Your GS1 barcode numbers (GTINs) will be valid for all the major marketplaces.
  • Over 40 years of experience: GS1 has been helping companies identify their products since the very first barcode was used back in 1973!
  • Free support by phone or online: Our support team is here to help you in any way we can on your journey as your business grows.
  • Training and education: Get access to our online training resources to help you learn more.

What you need to do

To start assigning barcode numbers to your products so you can list and sell them on Amazon AE/Souq, you’ll need to follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to ‘Get a Barcode
  2. Get a quotation
  3. Fill up the form and submit it.