GS1 is the leading provider of supply chain standards and solutions for over 20 industry sectors. We introduced barcoding to the UAE in 2000 and today we enable more than 1,000 companies, of all sizes, to become more efficient by implementing the GS1 system.

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The GS1 system is the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world used by two million companies in 150 countries. Joining GS1 UAE means doing business with any trading partner worldwide is now simple.

Unique Identification Numbers

With your GS1 company prefix you can trade online, sell products to trading partners and produce compliant, globally accepted, barcode symbols or RFID tags.

GS1 Assistance Tools

Our implementation manuals show you how to allocate your numbers to your products and guide you through the range of GS1 solutions.

Stay Up-To-Date

With our newsletter we keep you informed about GS1 UAE activities, new standards and regulatory changes and requirements that may affect the way you buy and sell products.

Join Two Million Companies Globally

GS1 is the only provider of authentic, globally recognized barcodes, meaning that if you apply GS1 barcodes to your product, your product can be identified and scanned all over the world. GS1 ensures that the barcodes you receive are unique and will be registered in the GS1 Global Trade Number Registry.

Why Get your Barcodes from GS1 UAE?

We’re part of the global GS1 organization that defines the standards that ensure our barcodes work everywhere, in every supply chain in every country.
In fact, over two million companies globally use our barcodes, including all major retailers and online marketplaces, foodservice operators and healthcare organisations.
We work continually to develop our standards so they keep pace with the changing business landscape, supporting you as you grow your business, locally and internationally.
Which is why our barcodes help you trade with confidence and convenience, and save you money through supply chain efficiencies.

Join Today and Get:

• An online database to manage your barcodes
• Free telephone and online support