In this week’s #memberspotlight , meet Basel Watch Company.

Basel Watch Company is driven by its horology excellence, re-affirming its status as a global trendsetter in affordable luxurious timepieces. The company consistently provides exciting and innovative timepieces that suit each personality and customer’s desire.

Founded in 1988, the company began its journey with a vision to transform the concept of timekeeping, from mere function to an expression of personal style. To this day, Basel Watch has its finger on the pulse of the fashion industry and quickly adapts to emerging trends to stay at the forefront of technology, material choice, and design.

Headquartered in Dubai, the company’s mission is to reach high-quality, genuine wristwatches to everyone who values their time and money. With four in-house brands and the exclusive UAE distributor of four international brands, the company remains committed to building on its belief of there is nothing more valuable than respect for a person’s time, trust, and taste.

GS1 UAE is thrilled to support Basel Watch Co thrive in the world of horology as they build upon their position as a leader in the industry while maintaining the best customer experience.

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