My NumberBank

My Numberbank enables you to assign GS1 Keys such as Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) and product data in one place.

My Numberbank also allows you to create and manage other GSl numbers, like Global Location Numbers (GLNs) and GTIN-14s. You can also create barcodes for your products and packaging.

Why use my NumberBank?

Creating GTINs in My Numberbank means all your products are registered in a single secure location. It’s important to do this because it means an official, globally recognised record is created – associating you with all your products. This record is used by many of your customers to authenticate the GTIN before making the product available to customers.

What are the features and benefits of My NumberBank?

Find and allocate product identifier to each of your products

Ensures you stay within your licensed GSl UAE Company Prefix capacity
Shows you how many GTINs you have assigned and how many you have left

Safe and secure product information - capture data against each product identifier in a single place

Work more efficiently knowing your product data is automatically organised
Avoid creating and using multiple spreadsheets to manage your product information
Backs up your product data in a secure, password-protected online

Real-time access - access your product identifiers and data anytime, anywhere

Allows you to quickly upload and download data in .csv format which you can share with trading partners and online platforms.

Avoid mistakes - maintain the data integrity of your product identifiers and products online and offline

Easily create, manage, and share GTINs and barcodes. My Numberbank automatically incorporates your GSl Company Prefix and calculates the entire GTIN for you.

Be confident that GTINs and barcodes you create are properly formatted and follow GSl standards. Protect your brand – provide brand control through your online product data.

Get started using NumberBank

My Numberbank comes as part of your GSl UAE membership and is accessible via the GSl UAE website. If you are not a member of GSl UAE, join now to start using GSl numbers in My Numberbank.

Access My NumberBank