We’re proud of the change we continue to drive with UAE industries, including retail, healthcare and foodservice .

Our standards are making supply chains more efficient and helping businesses meet changing consumer demands. While in healthcare, they’re being used to keep patients safe and save money.

Now our standards are supporting small businesses too by helping them sell on online marketplaces like Amazon and to local retailers.


GS1 standards are enabling better choice, exceptional service and a improved experience for your customers.


GS1 standards are helping hospitals and government initiatives save thousands of lives, as well as time and money.

Transport & Logistics

GS1 is working to achieve fully accurate, real-time visibility throughout the supply chain, from source to consumer, no matter what the mode of transport.

Technical Industries

Companies in technical industries face many similar challenges such as cost pressures, counterfeiting and the race to digitise their physical worlds.

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We’re committed to using our standards to power a safer and more sustainable world.
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