Whether online or in store, GS1 barcodes still provide the trusted data foundation for retailers and brands, helping businesses large and small.

GS1 standards and services enable trusted, complete and accurate product identification, as well as data sharing. Better data still means better service.

Whether online or in-store, the ubiquitous GS1 barcode (GS1 GTIN) is still the trusted foundation for retailers and brands, helping businesses large and small to uniquely identify their products.

Reliable, verifiable product information
Supply chain efficiency and resiliency
Improved consumer experiences and loyalty
Sustainability and traceability
Regulatory requirement compliance

The product data journey: digitalisation and standardisation

GS1 has a long history in retail—and the ubiquitous “beep” of the GS1 barcode is heard at store checkouts over 6 billion times every day. Business need to ensure however, that the products they sell are as well represented in the digital world, as they are in the physical world.

This is why GS1 is partnering with the retail industry to build a stronger product data foundation, based on unique product identity. This enables a steady, reliable flow of information, and transparency in operations between retailers and brand owners.

Case studies

GS1 standards are helping providers and professionals to be safer, smarter and more successful by giving the entire world of healthcare the power to work wonders.