GS1 UAE Services

GS1 offers a portfolio of services and tools to make adoption of our standards easier and more impactful to your business. Whether you’re a small company putting out your first product, a growing SME, or a large multinational, our services can help you be successful in a world where expert digital processes are essential for a thriving business.

Data Services

Easy use of GS1 standards with digital services and smart online tools.

Verified by GS1

Get product identity right with Verified by GS1.


BrandSync is a smart, collaborative, and efficient product information and management hub.

Data Quality

Improve the quality of your data.

My NumberBank

My Numberbank is the official GS1 UAE database which enables you to assign Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) and product data in a single, secure place.

GTN Estimator

Not sure how many GTINs you’re going to need? Use our GTIN Estimator to quickly figure it out!


Check digit calculator
Calculate correct check digit for GS1 barcodes.
Global data dictionary (GDD)
View definitions of data elements used in GS1 standards.
GPC browser
Explore the Global Product Classification standard.
Check character calculator
Calculate the check characters pair for the Global Model Number (GMN).
Global Data Model navigator
Explore the Global Data Model set of attributes for your product and geography
EPC encoder/decoder
Translate between GS1 identifiers and different Electronic Product Code (EPC) forms.
EPCIS Workbench
Create, decode and validate Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) visibility event data.
GS1 linear barcode encoder
A console application for manually creating one-off images.
AIDC translator library
Translate between EPC formats. Download the software brochure.
Free EPCIS repository for development and test.
API for encoding and decoding Untraceably Hidden Memory (UHF) Gen2 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.