We are experiencing an unprecedented global crisis that is connecting everyone, everywhere, like never before. As daily life and business become more complex, our priorities here at GS1 remain unchanged: to protect the health and safety of our GS1 family—and to support our over 2 million members worldwide.

Collaboration. Solidarity. Doing things as one.

All around us are examples of how industries, governments and organisations are collaborating for the greater good. As a neutral and not-for-profit organisation, we have more than 45-years of experience bringing industry together to develop and implement interoperable, global standards.

Supply chains are being stretched to their limit, sometimes under life-and-death circumstances. Whether it be disaster response, keeping store shelves filled with food, online shopping, or the efficient and seamless flow of vital healthcare products, GS1 feels an enormous responsibility to bring new (and renewed) value to industry. On a foundational level, products and supplies need to be uniquely identified to reach their destinations and accurate data about these products must be shared openly and efficiently. GS1 standards help enable this.

This global pandemic has also resulted in a dramatic increase in digital communications. A true digital transformation is happening at a much faster pace than anyone could have imagined. Once we emerge from this crisis, people will have acquired new habits that involve virtual communications, remote work and study—and shoppers who have come to rely on home delivery and online services are likely to continue to use them. This digital transformation has unlimited potential, but only if we can trust that the data driving it is accurate and up to date.

Here at GS1, we have the experience and expertise to help bridge the physical and the digital worlds of commerce. We are known for the sound of the “beeps” at store registers and for the ubiquitous GS1 barcode that powers them. However, these beeps are rapidly turning into clicks. Together with the industries we serve, we will navigate the challenges uncovered by this crisis and collaborate to improve response preparedness, supply-chain agility and transparency. Across the healthcareretail and transport & logistics sectors that we serve, we will do everything we can to help businesses emerge even stronger.

Our 114 GS1 Member Organisations around the world are serving our member companies with more commitment than ever. We are here to help.

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